The next Lunch & Learn topic will be MOBILE MARKETING. On March 27th we will talk about how businesses can increase their offline sales through mobile advertising. Especially in locations with a lot of tourists, where people constantly look up locations on their cell phones and get directions (e.g. italian restaurant nearby or good happy hour), mobile advertising is the key to increase sales!

In Hawai'i a lot of the smaller businesses still rely on the "old" media like radio, flyer or TV. This is expensive and very often you reach out to potential clients when there is no demand. You "hope" that they will remember your advertisement, but moreoften they don't than they do.

Mobile advertising is the key!

During our Lunch & Learn at 360 Capital Cafe in Waikiki you will learn how to advertise on mobile devices. Your advertisement shows up in the moment of demand. 55% of the people that click on an online advertisement make a purchase within the next hour! An almost instant Return On Investment!

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