Our "3 Stages to successful Online Marketing Concept" is an individual consulting and advertising service. You want to increase Online Sales, optimize an existing Online Marketing Strategy or start and create a new Internet Marketing Strategy? Our international team of experts can help you!

We deliver solutions and set you up with a successful Online Marketing Strategy to increase profit.

Our Three Stages help our clients generate more Leads & Sales online. The three stages include:

  1. Build a solid Foundation
    • Identify the Target Audience
    • Create professional website / Landing Pages (SEO)
    • Find the best Marketing & Sales Channels
  2. Attract Customers
    • Gather all needed information for successful Online Marketing
    • Set up the identified Marketing & Sales Channels
    • Launch the advertising and generate Leads & Sales
  3. Analyze & Increase
    • Analyze Return on Investment of Marketing & Sales Channels
    • Analyze & Optimize Website Conversion Funnel
    • Increase Conversion Rates & ROI

Stage one: In a Kick-Off-Workshop with the client we analyze the existing marketing strategy, the target audience, identify VIP-Clients, take a look at competitors and gather all important information that are needed for a successful Online Marketing Strategy. We identify the core target audience together with the client. We help the client to create a target audience friendly and conversion optimized website. This is the foundation of every successful online marketing strategy. This stage also analyzes how to improve your SEO to get a better position on Google search.

Stage two: Based on the target audience and the information needed for the Marketing & Sales  Channels, we research keywords, integrate the correct advertising formats, give budget suggestions and integrate all needed information to launch the advertising campaigns and generate Leads & SalesWe attract the people that become customers to generate a high Return on Investment. We set goals for every channel.

Stage three: The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of every Marketing & Sales Channel will be analyzed as well as their individual ROI / Return on AdSpend and we will optimize and manage the accounts and increase Leads & Sales. The website conversion funnel will be analyzed and optimized to increase the websites Conversion Rate.

The consulting goal is to create a successful online marketing strategy that increases Leads & Sales.

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