Our team has consulted many businesses in the US and in Europe. We help to identify challenges and problems and find solutions. We can start at the very beginning and help you to identify your target audience or help you to get a higher Return on Investment with your existing Online Marketing Strategy.

Our Kick-Off Consulting is especially for business owners that want to learn and do it themselves. It is a knowledge transfer and will help you to learn the most important things about SEO, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn Marketing as well as give important insights on how to identify your target audience.

With our 90 Minute Consulting Session we can help you to get an overview of what your to-dos are. We look into your target audience definition, take a basic look at your SEO, check the Marketing & Sales Channels that you are already using and come up with some ideas that will help to increase sales. After the meeting you decide if you want our help or like to do everything yourself.

Business owners that want to focus on their core business and let us do the hard work are welcome to contact us for our individual consulting. Our A-Z consulting is based on our "3 Stages to successful Online Marketing Concept" and includes all of the above. We take an in-depth look at your strategy and the Marketing & Sales Channels as well as your website conversion funnel. We help you to optimize them and increase Leads & Sales. Please ask for an individual offer.

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