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SEO Tools that prepare you for Googles update

  • Includes Mobile Friendly Test
  • Includes Page Speed Test
  • Insights how to get a better ranking on Google

List with free SEO Tools Experts use every day! Also included: SEO Guide from Google



The next Google Update will come on April 21st 2015. It's one of the biggest updates within the last years. Millions of websites, especially smaller businesses, will loose good rankings on Googles search result page.

Bottom line: Google will prefer websites that are optimized for mobile devices on the search result page. 

Here are some of the TOP SEO Tools that help you to get prepared.

A lot of smaller businesses that have been around for a long time have gained their good position on Googles search result page over time. Over the last years those businesses gathered content and their position on Google got better and better.

This can be over after April 21st!

Googles update will list all those sites better on their search result page, that are optimized for mobile devices. There are different angles to look at this update:


If your website isn't optimized for mobile devices yet, loosing positions on Google is your own fault and especially web designer won't feel sorry for you at all. They will let you pay BIG BUCKS now to optimize your website for mobile devices before April 21st.

Smartphones have been around for a while now. The first iphone was released in 2007! For almost 10 years now, surfing the web on mobile devices is an every-day-thing. Within the last 5 years the mobile networks got faster, the phones better and besides reading and looking for directions, watching videos on the phone became a normal habit (sometimes annoying for the people around you).

The tools websites are created with nowadays are easy and a lot of them include a mobile version automatically. You might notice, the room for excuses not to have a mobile friendly website gets smaller and smaller...

2. Nobody looks for my business online, I don't need good rankings!

If this is your opinion my question for you is - Why do you have a website? Obviously at some point you thought it would be a good idea and expected to have people looking up your business online. More people are using the internet everyday: your thought from "back in the days" was never more correct!

I still bump into people that tell me: "My clients are not online, I don't need Online Marketing." As we say in Germany: Bait the hook to suit the fish, not the fisherman.

Meaning: Just because you think people aren't looking for your business, service or product online, does not proof that they really don't. Everyday I see people of all ages using smartphones to surf the internet. I am sure your clients are one of them.

3. Be faster and better than your competitor

Every major Google Update is a chance for smaller businesses to get better rankings than their competitors or rank even better after the update than big corporations. Nobody can buy organic rankings on Google! No Apple, Amazon, ebay nor any other company. All of them play by the same rules, Googles rules - just like you!

Improve your website the way Google likes it. Make it fast, have unique content, get backlinks from content related sites and of course, make it mobile friendly. There is still enough time to get ready, if you start today. 

Check our list with free SEO Tools that help you to prepare your website for Googles Update. Very important is the free mobile friendly test on this list.

And here is a little insider tip:

Let's say you loose positions on Google, AdWords Search Engine Marketing on Google is a good way to close the gap. But be careful! Let an expert set up your account and ideally let them manage it to get you the best return on investment.