Warning: This is a very intensive session!

No bread, just meat. Meaning: No small talk, just facts! No whining, no excuses, no "buts".

  • You want solutions?
  • You want to know how to optimize your online marketing strategy and website?
  • You want to increase your sales instantly?

Within 90 minutes we will create a todo - list together that will take your business to the next level!

Individual 1-On-1 Consulting

Solutions that suit YOUR business

Learn How To Increase Online Sales

Our experienced consultants are full of ideas

You Walk Away With A ToDo List

Start optimizing right after the meeting
In 90 minutes Daniel, the German Google Guy himself, will work on the following topics with you:

  • Target Group Definition - Are you targeting the right audience?
  • Website Goals & Conversion Funnel Check - Does the website meet the target groups needs? How easy is it to buy or get in contact with you through our site?
  • Basic SEO Check - Has your website the potential to rank on Google? What can you do to rank higher?

You will walk away with a todo list that will tell you step-by-step what needs to be done. Start optimizing and increasing  your sales right after this meeting! Need more info or setup a meeting? Call 808 384 0116

I can only tell you what I know. What i know is that I contacted over 75 lead sales and recruitment specialist with years of expertise in what they do. Daniel was one of 10 people who responded and shared their insight. Among those 10 he was the only one that was encouraging, knowledgeable, and took action. His advice has lead me to finding extremely beneficial clients and a revenue stream that i could have never done by myself. Thank you Daniel

Joshua Kinard

Founder, WorkNoww

"Having spent a lot of time trying to research digital marketing and how to be successful at it but finding contradictory articles, I thought it was important to seek some professional advice. Daniel provided some great insight into Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and helped demystify some of the marketing myths while discussing how to be focussed in my particular industry. " Kieran James

Managing Director, Paykeeper

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get an individual todo list for my business?
Yes, this is an individual consulting for your business. We look at your website, your SEO, your Marketing Channels and then create an individual TODO list for YOUR business.
Will you look at my website?
Yes, we take a look at your website.
Can you help me with my SEO?
Yes, we will check your websites SEO and tell you what to optimize to get a better ranking on Google.
What if I want to meet longer than 90 minutes?
We can certainly work something out. We always try to get as much topics covered within the 90 minutes as possible. If we need more time, we will be happy to assist you longer.
Do I pay Cash or Credit?
Both is possible, just let us know. You will get an invoice no matter how you decide to pay.
What is your refund policy?
No refunds, sorry.
Your Consultant: Daniel Hildebrandt

Your Consultant: Daniel Hildebrandt

CEO & Founder DH Internet Marketing Consulting

Key Facts about Daniel, the German Google Guy

  • Experienced Internet Marketing Professional: Works in the Internet Marketing Industry since 1999
  • Consulted some of the biggest companies in Real Estate, Automotive and Payment Provider Industry
  • Worked with SEM, SEO and Webdesign and Social Media Professionals
  • Trained, managed and motivated Sales Teams, Project Teams, Marketing Directors and CEOs
  • International Consultant for Internet Marketing Strategies

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