There is Online Marketing Vocabulary everybody who wants to be successful online must know!

  • What is a click?
  • What is a click-through-rate?
  • What is an average cost-per-click?

A lot of people ask me: "how much does the click on Google for my products/services cost?"

I understand that this is one of the most interesting question for somebody that doesn't advertise on Google yet. But it is definitely not the most important question! The cost per click evolves over time. If the advertiser does everything right and optimizes the account correctly, the CPC (cost per click) should decrease over time. Every keyword has a different cost per click. Every keyword / advertisement combination comes to a different cost per click. This question can't be answered... and it isn't very important after all.

The way more important question to ask is:"how much money can I make with advertisements on Google?"

Most of the business owners that haven't advertised online yet, think that search engine marketing (advertising on Google search) costs more money than it makes. THIS IS WRONG!

All clients that I manage over a period of time have a positive return on ad spend - THEY MAKE MONEY WITH GOOGLE ADVERTISEMENTS!

Understand Online Marketing!

Learn some of the most important search engine marketing terms in this short video!

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