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Search Engine Optimization is an important long-tail strategy that every business with a website must have!

More than 60% of the search result page traffic goes to the TOP 3 positions!

SEO Traffic by Google Ranking

SEO Traffic by Google Ranking

Optimizing your website on-page and off-page is necessary in order to get a top position on Google.

If your website doesn't come up within the Top 5 results, it doesn't get enough traffic!

Professional Search Engine Optimization can't be done for $99 a month. Please don't fall for these deals!

Our international Search Engine Optimization Experts create an individual Search Engine Optimization Strategy for your business. Every business is different and so is the perfect Search Engine Optimization Strategy!

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization Packages have a minimum run-time of 12 months. These  full service SEO packages include, but are not limited to:


  • OnPage SEO
    • Identify mistakes - e.g. URL Structure, Website Speed, Htaccess,
    • Optimize page - create content worlds incl. pictures & videos
    • Link audit - evaluate back links & create healthy link structure
  • OffPage SEO
    • Link building - identify high quality back links
    • Link control - monitor incoming links
    • Content Marketing - create valuable content 
    • Influencer Marketing - identify industry influencer & connect with them
    • Content Seeding - have influencer like & share your content
    • Keyword Monitoring - position monitoring & reporting

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