Every business owner that wants to make money online talks about SEO these days. I put together some easy ways for you to get a better position on Google.

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Now back to SEO.

I have the feeling, that SEO is a new, old buzzword. It's at least in Hawaii, where I live. The thing is, I think a lot of business owners still think that SEO is some sort of magic. Some sort of trick that magically makes their page show up on the first position on Google.

Only very few business owners seem to realize, that it is their job to create unique, valuable content and a good user experience for example through fast site speed and other factors.

I would like to make one thing very clear:

If your content sucks, you don't get any back links, your overall site performance is miserable and you're not willing to invest and change that, your site will always end up in googles nirvana.

  • Create unique content
  • Get back links from websites that deal with related topics
  • Have a good URL structure
  • Your site needs to load FAST
  • ...

These are just some factors that influence your websites position on Google through SEO. There are more thank 200 factors that actually influence on what page and position your site will be shown on googles result pages. Brian Dean has a list with all 200 Google Ranking Factors!

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I put some of the most important facts that help to get your website on top of Googles search result page together and explain them in the video!