"The basic of a successful Online Marketing Strategy is a good website." Daniel Hildebrandt

Before you invest any money in online advertising it is important that you create a good website, that converts the traffic you bought into sales! Otherwise every dollar you spend on advertising is wasted. Over the years we have seen a lot of business owners make this mistake! You would never open up a store without having goods on the shelves, would you? Same with a website. Don't bring people to your site without having it set up for conversion! Our team of web designers will make sure that your website is optimized for conversion before it goes online. We work with international and local web designers, that focus on building responsive websites that look amazing on any device. We can ReDesign your existing website or built a new website from scratch! In our first meeting we find out what exactly your website needs to drive conversions to your business. You will receive a quote a few days after. Once we decided to work together, we have a workshop to make sure we get all the important information we need from you. The topics in the workshop are, but are not limited to:

  1. define your target audience
  2. analyze your style guide & existing promotional material (Flyer, Business Cards,...)
  3. define your websites goals
  4. create a professional website structure
  5. analyze your competitors websites

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Check out this short video! We redesigned a Real Estate Agents Website. LuLuOnMaui.com is the perfect website for Real Estate Agents. Why?

  • Easy to navigate
  • Focus on lead generation
  • SEO Ready

Watch the video and learn important facts about Real Estate Agents Websites.


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